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You can expect quality material for each age group, some of which has been published by the BBC and the educational periodical, Junior Education.

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Every play and song on this site has been written by Robert specifically for young people to perform. All of them are suitable for schools, drama classes and young theatre groups...

About Plays4kidz

Plays4kdidz offers you plays, music and assembly materials, designed for children and all written by Robert Smith who has over 30 years experience of writing for and teaching children. Here you will find plays for festivals, ends-of-terms and Christmas. Plays about historical figures like 'Thomas Moon' transported to Australia for stealing two chickens and six eggs, or and 'Sir Robert Ropner', a Victorian Shipbuilder and philanthropist who left his home in Germany as a child to seek a life on the high seas, got a job on a freighter and hated it so much he jumped ship at the first opportunity which was Hartlepool! He became one of the richest men in England having started from absolutely nothing. Or you may want plays about legends like 'Robin Hood' or 'St George' or a new and completely original 'Joseph'.

RESOURCES.....maybe you want resources for assemblies? I can give you packages for Juniors or infants. There are materials covering the Great Fire of London, Seaside Holidays in the 1950s, Teeth and others. You can always contact me if you have any queries here


Feedback Comments:

I love how it all rhymes, really brilliant. Got your CD today, have just listened to the songs – fabulous - the song lyrics are fantastic - it's wonderful as I expected.

Anna Odisho November 2012 (about THE FESTIVAL OF PURIM)

Feedback Comments:

The assembly is great! The children are loving it and were really interested in finding out the facts. Thank you very much.

Miss M Connelly, St Patrick's RC Primary School, Co. Durham (The Olympics)

If you want a 30 to 45 minute drama with songs click on ‘plays’

If you want a shorter presentation, click on ‘assemblies’

I can also offer some brilliant songs available to accompany such tales as Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other classic children's tales.